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Too fat to run

Author Julie Creffield visited our inconic Dorset & Durdle Door retreat and wrote the following:

I’ve never seen myself as a strong swimmer.

Sure I’ve done a few triathlons, and last year after the first lockdown I worked my way up to swimming a mile in the ocean while on my 2 month escape to Greece…but I’ve never found it easy, I guess in part because I am so inconsistent with my training.

Living in East London I don’t have many options for wild swimming, there are the docks of course, which I have braved a few times, but most of my swimming takes place in the Aquatic Centre’s 50 meter pool…which although is lovely and I am very lucky it’s my local pool, is also a little boring just doing laps.

So last year when I saw a company called The Wild Swimming Co. ............

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