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‘Swimming lessons, in the sea… you must be mad!’

Well I wasn’t, but now you’ve made me!!

How many times have I heard this, only to be followed up seconds later with the ‘non believer’ asking; “Do you think it’s something I could do?

Rolling my eyes, taking a breath and remembering that I was once one of them. Unwise, non believing, I was in aw

e, yet slightly uneasy that someone had DARED take the plunge into cold and often murky water and actually swam as if they were in a swimming pool.

Who knew this was even doable!

‘Do you want to be able to swim in the sea?’ I ask, to which they answer ‘I do, but I’m not a very strong swimmer’.

Well there is your answer.

Get stronger and more confident by arranging lessons or joining a swim group. If you want to swim in the sea then simply swim in the sea, don’t call me mad, I’m not battling my swim demons these days.

Open water coached swim sessions are available wherever there’s a body of water.

Find your local coach and have a chat with them, make sure they are right for you and vice versa.

Expect to pay around £50 for a one off 1:1 session. Your coach has a plethora of qualifications, skills, insurance, first aid to keep you safe and your sessions progressive.

Remember they also have to wash and dry their kit and may stand in cold water whilst they coach you (which can become uncomfortably cold).

Find a coach that is passionate with fun drills to keep you interested and challenged within your parameters. If they stand on the shore and bark at you then, please, sink them.

My top 5 Open Water swim drills

• Kicking only with a tow float

• 10 hard/10 easy strokes

• Eyes closed fro

nt crawl to check lines

• Fisting, get the arms working properly

• Catch up

For more information and to check out or swim retreats and events, check out

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